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The English-Speaking Union believes in communication, and in the power of your voice.

To celebrate our centenary, we’re inviting you to use your voice and tell us what you’d like to speak out about and why. Watch the video, above, to see what our alumni would speak out about – and don’t forget to join the conversation and send us your thoughts too.

Have your say on Twitter or by posting on our Facebook page /the.esu. Don’t forget to use #ESUspeakout with your post.

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Primary school student

Endangered animals. I don't think it's fair that humans threaten entire species.

Dick Clement in 2017 outside of a cinema

The gulf between wages. CEOs’ salaries compared to those of workers are out of all proportion.

Education for children everywhere. It’s the key to achieving a peaceful world.

The government not funding libraries. Libraries are important. They are places for children to go and not get into trouble. They're like a club for children and adults.

Picture of KT Tunstall playing guitar in a park

Refugee children. A generation is being subjected to a life that they shouldn’t have to endure, and which we as adults shouldn’t allow to happen.

Poverty. Poverty strips opportunity from people.

What would YOU speak out about?

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